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10 Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection

10 Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection
Having a home inspection is an important, and sometimes nerve wracking, part of selling your house. While the outcome of the inspection may be out of your hands, you can make it easier to have the inspection done by doing a little preparation.
1. Ensure all electrical panels and sub panels are accessible. Move anything that may be blocking them, such as cabinets, shelving, or boxes. 
2. Ensure your hot water tank, and furnace are accessible. Since these are often located in storage areas, be sure to remove any items that may be blocking them.
3. Ensure any crawlspaces and attics are accessible.  Hatches are often located in closets or other storage areas. Be sure to move any items that block the access, and ensure hatches are not painted over or screwed shut.
4. Remove breakables from window areas and open all blinds and curtains. This makes inspecting those areas easier.
5. Clear all items from under your sinks and around your bathtubs to allow easier inspection.
6. Remove all vehicles from garage and carport areas.
7. Temporarily remove or confine any “indoor only” pets or pets that are not friendly to strangers.
8. Ensure any woodstoves or fireplaces are not in use, and are cool enough to be inspected.
9. Replace any blown lightbulbs. If a light does not turn on, the inspector will need to check if there is an issue with the device or the just the bulb.
10. If the home is vacant, ensure the heat, electricity, water and pilot lights for  any gas, oil or propane fueled appliances are on and able to be tested.
NOTE: Do NOT try to conceal any defects you know about. They will be noted anyway, and any attempt to conceal them may lead to distrust from potential buyers.
Above all, try not to stress too much about the outcome of the inspection. No house is perfect, and that's okay.
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