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8 Low-Cost Curb Appeal Updates To Do Today

8 Low-Cost Curb Appeal Updates To Do Today
You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the curb appeal of your house is one way potential buyers assess your house. Does your house scream "buy me, I'm the star of the neighbourhood", or is it saying something a little less appealing? 
If your house doesn't have it's best spring dress on, try implementing some of the following simple, low-cost improvements. It can make a huge difference in the first impression your house gives off.

1. Trim your shrubs and trees. Make sure your greenery doesn't block any windows or unique architectural details.

2. Tidy the yard. Put away any tools or garden hoses. Clear away, or at least neatly arrange any toys. Pick up any animal waste. 

3. Mow your lawn. A well groomed lawn gives the impression of frequent maintenance. Remember to edge the grass around walkways and trees. This little detail makes your lawn look professionally maintained.

4. Brighten up your front step with a pot of flowers, or a small plant. Choose a low-scent option that pops against the colour of the house exterior.

5. Replace or polish your house numbers. Make sure they are visible from the street, in both daylight and after dark. 

6. Upgrade your outside lighting. Choose fixtures that fit the style of your house. Ensure your lights are bright enough to illuminate any and all walkways.

7. Clean your windows, inside and out. Sparkling bright windows reflect sunlight in an eye-catching way.

8. Wash the exterior of your house, if the finishing allows for it. Dirty siding or gutters indicate smaller maintenance items haven’t been taken care of, and buyers will wonder “what about the bigger ones?" 

If you aim for an overall bright and clean look on the exterior of your house, this will give a cheery and inviting feel. A good first impression on the outside will carry over into the interior of your house, and may make all the difference in selling your house.
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8 Low-Cost Curb Appeal Updates To Do Today 8 Low-Cost Curb Appeal Updates To Do Today
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