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Fall is a brilliant time to sell your home

Most of us have always believed that spring is the best time

to buy a new home...

Here are a few brilliant reasons that I have come up with that lead me to believe that it is actually in fact Fall, that is prime real estate season!

Have you ever been a buyer? How do you spent your down time after the kids are bathed and in bed? Me?.. I pour myself a glass of wine and open my laptop. Now is my unwinding time, time to catch up, read the news, check out my favorite sports team scores... and look up local real estate. 

I love how these days you can look inside the doors of those million dollar homes out on Discovery Drive, or the ever expansive oceanfront views of the beautiful homes down on Saratoga Beach. All beside your crackling fire place on your comfy couch. 

With the rainy fall season comes more time!

 With January comes New Years Resolutions... Time to put my savings into action! Time to get those taxes sorted so I can use my down payment! 


More motivation to find that perfect home.

Less inventory which in turn becomes less competition.

Now is a brilliant time!

It's the truth, Buyers never stop looking! 


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