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Home Improvements that Increase Your Home's Value

Home Improvements that Increase Your Home's Value

Whether you’re looking to gain more space, make your home function a little easier, or just looking to makeover your space, renovating and remodeling your home can have both a positive or negative impact on your home’s value.

You might be wondering how remodeling could ever be a bad thing. Although luxury upgrades are nice to look at, they rarely add actual cash value to a house.


Swimming pools, garage conversions and makeshift room additions are all things that could potentially have a negative resell value. It doesn’t mean you shouldn't do it, just know that potential buyers won’t pay more for them.

You can still get the new look you want, or simply make changes to prepare to sell with the following home improvements that will increase your home's value:


It’s a known fact that kitchens sell homes. People want them equipped with modern conveniences and updated to a modern style. Adding new cabinets, countertops, floors and appliances will add value and make a wonderful investment. Keep in mind that neutral colors and quality products are a must.


Next up are bathrooms. If you can add a second bathroom, do it! If you have to choose between remodeling or adding, more is always better. Outside of that, updating the bathroom to include walk-in showers, double vanities or jetted masters are all sought after features.

Roofs and Windows

Roofs and windows are expensive to replace, so buyers expect these to be in good condition. If your roof is leaking, they won’t look past it no matter what the house offers. You can’t expect that a new roof or windows will increase your value, but you can bet if you don’t replace them, it will most certainly decrease it.

Finish that Basement

Not all buyers can picture a completed room, nor do they have a true sense of the costs and work involved, which means they often overestimate. Although a basement in itself can be an attractive feature, buyers will typically pay more if it’s a finished space.

Spruce up the Outdoors

First impressions do make a difference in home buying. Replacing hardware and designing your front door and front porch space are all low cost investments that can net you a great return. Invest a little more in the landscape, gardens, and lighting, and you’ve got curb appeal that pops!

Take the time to consider your budget and what’s important. Often, performing minor household repairs, adding a fresh coat of paint, and rearranging furniture setups can satisfy your need for a change without a huge investment.

If you want to sell your home and would like guidance deciding if renovations should be done, call me! Don’t waste your money, let me help you make some instead.

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Home Improvements that Increase Your Home's Value Home Improvements that Increase Your Home's Value

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