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Magnificent Makeovers on a Budget

Have you ever watched those TV shows where some

lucky homeowner gets a room redecorated by a

professional? To have something similar done in your

own home you would have to make a serious

investment, or become a TV show guest! 

However, there are ways to re-decorate a room and

make it look great – even spectacular – on a budget.
Say, for example, you want a living room makeover.  

If your sofa is worn you can buy a fitted sofa cover

that will make it look almost new.  Table cloths on

worn end-tables and other surfaces can have a similar

affect.  Don't forget the most economical redecorating

trick of them all: Paint! A fresh coat of paint can bring a

room to life!  Hanging a few new pictures can also have

a dramatic impact on the look of a room.  You don't have

to buy a Rembrandt.  Attractive, simply framed pictures

will also add interest and colour.  With a little

imagination, it's amazing how much you can improve a

room on little or even no budget.

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